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The Advanced Biomaterials for Biomedical Applications Laboratory (ABBA Lab) at the Catholic University of Korea is trying to achieve high efficiency and performance in biomedical applications. In particular, we are interested in developing advanced biomaterial systems to address limitations in hard (e.g. dental and orthopedic) and soft (e.g. cardiovascular, skin, and artificial organ) tissue engineering with a general approach of creating a scaffold with an optimal design and modifying its surface to improve performance in physiological environment.

In order to fabricate scaffolds of micro and macro scale for biomaterials, fabrication methods such as freeze-casting, space-holder techniques, material extrusion, and binder jetting have been used with a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, and polymers. Moreover, to strategically modify the scaffold surfaces, nano/micro level surface modification methods such as laser patterning, micro-arc oxidation, ion implantation, and ceramic precipitation were applied.

Ultimately, we will try to integrate knowledge and technology from biomaterial science and chemical engineering along with industry-academic corporative foundations.

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