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3D-Printed Functional Hydrogel by DNA-induced Biomineralization for Accelerated Diabetic Wound Healing
Nahyun Kim, Hyun Lee, Ginam Han, Minho Kang, Sinwoo Park, Dong Eung Kim, Minyoung Lee, Moon-Jo Kim, Yuhyun Na, SeKwon Oh, Seo-Jun Bang, Tae-Sik Jang, Hyoun-Ee Kim, Jungwon Park, Su Ryon Shin, Hyun-Do Jung*
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Advanced Science
Advanced Science - 2023 - Kim - 3D‐Printed Functional Hydrogel by DNA‐Induced Biomineralization for Accelerated Diabetic.pdf (9.4M) 37회 다운로드 DATE : 2023-06-19 23:57:44
Chronic wounds in diabetic patients are challenging because their prolonged inflammation makes healing difficult, thus burdening patients, society, and health care systems. Customized dressing materials are needed to effectively treat such wounds that vary in shape and depth. The continuous development of 3D-printing technology along with artificial intelligence has increased the precision, versatility, and compatibility of various materials, thus providing the considerable potential to meet the abovementioned needs. Herein, functional 3D-printing inks comprising DNA from salmon sperm and DNA-induced biosilica inspired by marine sponges, are developed for the machine learning-based 3D-printing of wound dressings. The DNA and biomineralized silica are incorporated into hydrogel inks in a fast, facile manner. The 3D-printed wound dressing thus generates provided appropriate porosity, characterized by effective exudate and blood absorption at wound sites, and mechanical tunability indicated by good shape fidelity and printability during optimized 3D printing. Moreover, the DNA and biomineralized silica act as nanotherapeutics, enhancing the biological activity of the dressings in terms of reactive oxygen species scavenging, angiogenesis, and anti-inflammation activity, thereby accelerating acute and diabetic wound healing. These bioinspired 3D-printed hydrogels produce using a DNA-induced biomineralization strategy are an excellent functional platform for clinical applications in acute and chronic wound repair.